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Welcome Transfer Students!

Online Orientation
The online orientation program includes important information regarding your academic program, placement testing, student services, and campus life!

Transfer students are required to complete the entire online orientation, including answering the questions.  By completing the online orientation you accept responsibility for knowing and understanding the content.

Placement Testing
Please be sure to carefully read the section regarding Placement Testing for transfer students. Your Evaluation of Transfer Credit Statement received in the mail from the Admissions Office will indicate which placement tests you are exempt from taking. Regardless of your exemption status, certain majors have pre-requisites and require Placement Testing. 

At the conclusion of the online orientation, you will be provided with a link to the Online Placement Testing website where you will take the New Student Questionnaire - NSQ (required) and any Placement Tests you need to take. (Please write down or save the link if you plan to complete the Placement Tests at a later time).

Academic Advising Sesssions
Transfer students will receive an email 2-3 business days after completion of their placement tests (if needed) and NSQ (required) with directions on how to schedule their academic advising session. This email will be sent to your Temple University email account.

Office of Orientation
Phone: 215-204-8531 (M-F, 8:30am-4:45pm)

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